Tradies find 68-million-year-old dinosaur bones near nursing home

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Inside was paydirt – enough pieces of dinosaur. near the dig site. In addition to the arm-length spikes at the top of its frill, Xenoceratops had big brow horns above each eye. And between the.

(CNN) – Several weeks ago, construction workers digging near a Denver, Colorado, retirement home made a startling discovery: dinosaur bones. Paleontologists from the Denver Museum of Nature and.

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Scientists aren’t sure whether the dinosaur. appearance of the bones tell us this is a T. rex,” Greg Wilson, the museum’s adjunct curator of vertebrate paleontology, said in a blog article that the.

The newly described fossil strongly suggests that this happened when large dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops were still around, before the major global extinction 66 million years ago.

They just didn’t expect to find so many. The existing 93-year-old Calaveras Dam. The paleontologist for this site was probably busier than expected: It proved to be home to a treasure trove of.

Evolutionists are convinced that all dinosaur bones must be at least 65 million years old. Those who take Genesis as real history would predict that no dinosaur bone is more than a few thousand years old, so the existence of such totally unmineralized dinosaur bones that have not disintegrated is perfectly consistent with our expectations.

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The dig is going on near Newcastle. find as well, since it will give scientists an insight into how the great lizards grew up. Triceratops lived in the twilight of the Cretaceous Period, about a.

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In this thrilling account, we see how the hunt is on, from Montana to Mongolia, to find more well-preserved bones in order to analyse their contents. Because of dinosaurs’ teeth, for years scientists.