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Shaun White is an American snowboarder and skateboarder. He is the first person to win the olympic halfpipe event twice. He also is the only person in the world that perform a "McTwist 1260," a.

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He even has his own clothing line with Target. So how does all this make people hate shaun white? Well, all of this combines to form the different groups of people who hate Shaun White: He’s seen as a ‘sellout’ by some because he makes so much money; People hate on big companies like Burton for becoming too big and corporate.

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Shaun’s part from Burton’s 2003 release "Good Times." Want to see more of Shaun? Check out his timeline at

TOKYO – Shaun White is nearly. nights like these that make you stop and bask in the success of it all and what you’ve done,” White said, “but as an athlete and competitor, you’re always so hungry.

The good men project. Olympic’s Hangover. The Olympics are over. I am genuinely sad when they extinguish the flame. I am somewhat of an Olympics junky. I don’t have pictures of Shaun White hanging over my bed. Not for lack of trying. I blame my wife; she’s such a Red Gerard fan! But, I do enjoy the spirit of the games.

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Shaun White fails to medal in Olympic halfpipe as Iouri Podladtchikov wins gold at sochi games yahoo sports february 11, 2014, 6:28 PM UTC KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia – The Flying Tomato went splat.

We have all heard the saying Nice guys never win, and while this is true, I am here to tell you why. Women who have a strong, Type A, independent personality are often blamed for the good guy never winning. We are blamed for being too strong, too independent, too ambitious, and too much of a bitch, who would rather be with an asshole than a nice guy.