Random Thoughts and Paying Attention

namely “Did you feel like you had control over where your thoughts went?” and “How aware were you of where your attention was focused?”, were apparently not very well understood by our participants:.

Some random guy on Twitter disagreed with this assessment. It requires a lot like it did for me in football – I have to be.

Thoughts are words we say to ourselves without saying them out loud. Other people can’t tell what you are thinking unless you tell them. Because we have thoughts all the time, we usually don’t pay attention to them. They just come to us automatically! Let’s try and slow our thoughts down and pay attention.

Random thoughts on the passing scene. When most of the mail favors one policy over another, politicians pay attention, whether or not they answer everyone individually. We seem to be getting closer.

Random thoughts on the passing scene. these differences to ability against those who attribute differences to barriers. Neither seems to pay much attention to differences in what people want to do..

Pay attention to your friends; pay attention to that cousin that jumps up on the picnic table at the family reunion and goes a little too ‘nutty,’ you know what I mean? Pay attention to that aunt that’s down in the basement that never comes upstairs. We have to pay attention to our friends, pay attention to your family, and offer a hand.

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What's the point of dumping my random thoughts into the abyss of cyberspace if no one is going to acknowledge me? I mean, can I get a little.

Here are some random thoughts I had in the shower. RELATED: Which Seattle billionaire would you be? Do we have enough LimeBikes yet? It’s a freaking bike tsunami out there. Do me a favor and pay.

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 · There’s a war for your attention. And you’re probably losing it.. Share There’s a war for your attention. And you’re probably losing it.. We aren’t that great at paying attention to.

Random thoughts on the passing scene. Governor Jindal’s outstanding record in Louisiana should have gotten him far more attention from the media than Trump’s bombast. In her latest book, "Adios,