r/camping – This is damn hard work! … converting a van to a camper… but putting up tents ⛺️ is killing me!

 · second, and just as important, you need to have someone involved who knows what they are doing – who checks the tarp setups in advance and who is on-site to advise about putting it up. third, and this is a personal bias of mine, i think tarps work best in combination with a hammock.

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The Best damn diy truck Camper Set Up You’ll See The Nomedic.My OUTDOOR LIVING ROOM set up for extended dispersed truck camping – Duration:.How to Build a Home Made Camper Van.


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A youth group is setting up camp. Rain is predicted, so the campers decide to build a fly, or rain cover, over their tent. The fly will be 12 feet high and 16 feet wide. The scouts are building the frame for the fly with two poles slanted and joined together at the top of the tent.

IT does indeed go up very quickly and one could argue that is goes down just about as fast. However, because I was camping with others that made me show them how easy it was a few times it may have lost its speed advantage over other tents. People find it amazing and want to see it. The test also included it in both some mild wind and some rain.

Got a new Tent and had to try it out this weekend. Worked spectacularly. #camping read here: https://t.co/GdRs9rI3hg

Back-in or a Pull-Thru?.Camping is supposed to be about rest and relaxation, but the thought of having to back in the camper triggers anxiety for me almost as badly as public speaking. Why can it be so damn difficult to back in a camper, especially a pop-up? Just when I think I have the.