Open Post | Weekend, June 14th – 16th – The Football Brainiacs – OU Edition

April 12th – Puck Drop Preview | Colorado Eagles – The good news is Colorado lost their last game but the bad news is they have won seven of their last eight games which includes two wins over Allen in Colorado on March 17 and 18. The Eagles have a seven point lead for the top spot in the Mountain Division and can clinch the division title with two wins in Allen regardless of what second.

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News, Detailed Evaluations & Other Stuff. All / General / Recruiting / X's and O's / Evaluation / Team News. Open Post | Weekend, August 23rd – 25th. August 23.

Open Post | Weekend, June 14th – 16th By: The Brainiacs Posted on: June 14, 2019. Team Updates | Sourced | Quick-.. Again, every time I've spoken to Jase, he seemed solid to OU.. Welcome back to another edition of Thirsty Thursdays!

Open Post | Tuesday, April 16th By: The Brainiacs Posted on: april 16, ***A big visitor who snuck in this weekend was 2020 LB Josh White.. only is Rogers is a dynamic and sharp player but he is an OU legacy.. Jalin Conyers (@ J_Conyers_2020) April 14, 2019. Iowa State; November 23rd at Kansas.

Open Post | Weekend, August 23rd – 25th. August 23, 2019. 151. Open Post | Tuesday, August 20th. August 20, 2019. 100 Days to Football Time in Oklahoma: #14 charleston rambo. august 18, 2019. August 16, 2019. 7 · Next Page .

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Open Post | Weekend, July 20th – 22nd. Open Post | Monday, july 16th. july 16 , 2018. 875 · Boom News! | 2020 CB Darion Green-Warren Commits To OU.

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