Michael Bennet has successful surgery for prostate cancer

Michael Bennet will conduct a town hall. done after more than a decade in the Senate." In mid-April, Bennet underwent what.

Sen. Michael Bennet’s prostate cancer surgery was ‘successful,’ requires ‘no further treatment’ National/World News Michael Bennet positions himself as moderate in town hall

Sen. Michael Bennet has a new complication before he decides for sure whether to run for president in 2020: prostate cancer. The Colorado Democrat made his diagnosis public in a Wednesday.

April 3 (Reuters) – United States Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, previously mentioned as a possible contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, said on Wednesday that he will.

When Michael Bennet’s office called to. very discomfiting news from his doctor – he has prostate cancer. His PSA was high. The biopsy showed malignancy. The doctors recommended that, at his age,

Michael Bennet is. integrity to our government." Bennet, 54, overcame a bout with prostate cancer earlier this year. He was diagnosed in April and quickly underwent surgery, which his office said.

Success rates: While patients can experience a short-term cure with radiotherapy techniques such as brachytherapy, unfortunately it is usually much less successful compared to surgery in preventing future recurrence of prostate cancer – because the prostate remains in the body.

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet found out a month before he planned to run for president that he had prostate cancer. Now, the Democrat is fully in the race following a successful surgery and he.

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Compare Prostate Cancer Treatments. Treatment outcomes show how many patients remain prostate cancer free, and for how many years following treatment. These comparisons are done by patient risk group. Patients with prostate cancer that has been detected early, fall into the low risk group.

Michael Bennet. at this point.” Bennet was set to announce his candidacy in April. Instead, he shared he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Since then, he’s undergone surgery and is now.

Sen. Michael Bennet has prostate cancer, but that still may not stop his bid for president. The Colorado democrat announced wednesday that he had been diagnosed late last month and plans to have.

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