Is it time to seriously consider arming school teachers?

So what happens with all these guns the rest of the time? Will they provide deterrence and protection for our children, or will they create opportunities for more violence? Consider. and serious.

A bill to arm teachers in South Carolina is the only sane response to a recent school shooting.. arming south carolina school teachers Is Doing It Right. These days I’m a high school English.

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President Donald Trump speaks as he hosts a listening session about school violence with high school students, teachers and parents in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington on Feb.

 · The school should also consider making it very clear what precisely an armed educator should do in an active shooter situation: confront the suspect or protect students.

One such time, he claims to have been beaten by a prefect for not wearing a tie. A classmate of his once suffered an arm.

Arming teachers in US schools?. at ‘his "listening session" regarding that horrific atrocity at the high school in Florida, say that the US may consider training and arming teachers with.

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High school: It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. It doesn’t matter if you were head cheerleader or the reigning chess champion, a little teenage nostalgia never hurts from time to.

But instead of looking for a serious solution to America’s mass shooting epidemic, President Trump simply took a page out of the national rifle association’s playbook and suggested that the country should arm as many as 20% of its school teachers. He even said it with a straight face.

Welcome to the armed teacher website, which is packed with links to information about protecting school children from killers. Whether you are just curious, contemplating what is the right actions our society should take to stop the murders, or are seriously considering carrying a weapon in your classroom, you will find items of interest.

encouraged schools "to seriously consider the option of partnering with local law enforcement in the training and arming of school personnel." "A teacher would have shot the hell out of him before he.

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