How Televangelists Defend Private Jets In 2019 – Live and Let’s Fly

A wasp’s nest is his castle, and he will defend it with utmost ferocity. spritz the wasp with water, as it will struggle to fly when saturated. As it slows down, you can trap it in a glass jar and.

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland once said he owns three private jets because he doesn’t want to fly commercial with "demons." The 82-year-old angrily denied the remarks to Inside Edition’s.

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When the statement-making sportswear caught the attention of some reporters, they were furious – but their complaints inspired many members of the MAGA-verse to defend them. kindly to people.

Thrilla or Vanilla? October 3, 2012 9:23 AM Subscribe.. they defend private wealth and power, period. Instead of being conservative on tax policy, including rolling back the tax breaks for the wealthy that we can no longer afford, they are staunchly set against any tax increases for the wealthy.. his refusal to let even the most dire.

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You’ve seen them on TV, popular televangelists who preach the gospel to millions around the world. You may be surprised that these men of God are living a lifestyle few could imagine. Jesse Duplantis and kenneth copeland drive fancy cars and live in lavish mansions. They also fly in private jets.

Watch two antigay televangelists defend owning private jets private jets are necessary for their line of work because commercial airplanes are "long tubes" filled with "a bunch of deadly demons.

Televangelists of the prosperity persuasion are hard for your average church-goer to understand. Most of us can’t reconcile a preacher wearing $2,000 shoes while preaching, let alone a preacher who needs his own private jet. Yet, Kenneth Copeland continues to be completely unapologetic for his lavish lifestyle.

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The private jets (3?) are just part of his operating expenses. AFAIK, no one is required to send him money, so all his income is given voluntarily. If you don’t like him, or disprove of his business activities, then, by all means, don’t send him your money.