How I Went from Corporate Lawyer to Digital Nomad (And If I Regret It)

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How to Become a Web Designer and Travel the World – Web designers, however, do much, much more. And now one of the most exciting things you can do is to be a digital nomad. here’s a kickass guide on how to become a web designer and travel the world making money as you go! Learn how to start a website for under $100!

What is the best country/bank combination for a digital nomad. – I’ve been in a very similar situation to you in the past as I’m a consultant with clients primarily in Europe, and I used to live in Asia working remotely (I’m from Canada). I would say that the US is arguably your best option as far as flexibilit.

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Aspire to travel the world? Read this before you go. – It’s the one I wish I’d read before I became a global nomad. Prepare for change. Either you’ll learn to live with the vagaries of life on the road or you’ll go mad. I’ve seen that happen. So my.

Career Changers: From Corporate Lawyer to Startup. – – Main reason in joining The Nomad MBA? Looking back, working in corporate law for so many years felt like being in a high-pressure cooker. removing myself from that world has not only given me back my mental health and freedom, but clarified my sense of purpose: making a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged children around the world.

A Lawyer Abroad | THE legal resource for content creators. – There are a number of legal issues that go into starting a SaaS business or offering cloud services. internet lawyer zachary Strebeck looks at a few. 0.. digital nomad lawyer Zachary Strebeck looks at how another blog or website can legally use your copyrighted content. 0.

Kate Jackson, Entrepreneur – Legal Nomads – Welcome back to Thrillable Hours, my interview series about alternative careers for lawyers. Today’s interview is with Kate Jackson, a woman I met in the UK at an event for startups. With a love of food and travel, we hit it off and I asked her to participate in this series to help others.

About Legal Nomads and Jodi Ettenberg – It wasn’t until I saw a documentary about Siberia in high school that I began to think about heading there myself, a seed that grew bit by bit as the years went by. Prior to founding Legal Nomads, I worked for 5 years in New York as a corporate lawyer, having studied in Canada and then accepted an offer at a firm in Manhattan.