Funeral home accused of selling body parts, giving families concrete instead of ashes

And took ashes home, my sister and my family are native american, my sister wanted a native funeral, my niece refused to give me ashes day before funeral, my niece instead made herself and kids, grandkids necklaces out of my sister’s ashes, we held the native funeral without ashes, our belief as natives is her spirit can’t rest now

“And he asked if the living room could be vaulted instead of finished. 2000s and liked to give testimony as to his “changed” life. He spoke openly about his previous involvement with drugs and.

More than 60 people who used sunset mesa funeral home for their loved ones. but instead, the family received ashes that tested as "not human.". $40,000 per month selling bodies and body.

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The business is under investigation by the FBI and has been accused of selling bodies or body parts without consent from the families.. funeral home that doubled as a human body parts broker.

MONTROSE, Colo. – A third lawsuit has been filed against a closed colorado funeral home, accusing the owner of harvesting body parts without permission and selling them for profit.

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 · Let’s talk about it. To our valued families and friends, this blog was created to be informative for you, the consumer and bring you to better understand the funeral industry while making aware those things that could jeopardize your decision making process.

Funeral homes can collect ashes after a cremation, as can the family/friends, to be placed in a nice urn. It’s not uncommon for funeral homes to collect ashes and decant them into a nicer urn for the family/friends who simply don’t feel up to the job for several reasons.

Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors in Montrose, Colorado. of harvesting body parts without permission and selling them for profit.. from the FBI that her mother's body parts were sold instead of being cremated and returned to the family.. one person's ashes and gave a family dry concrete in place of ashes.

Colorado officials indefinitely shut down the funeral home and crematory. runs a side business selling donated body parts from the same building.. were analyzed by the family and found to be concrete, not human ashes.