Founder of ‘Me Too’ movement speaks at UCCS

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Tarana Burke, the founder of the "Me Too" movement is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. April 16 at the gallogy events center. Burke is acting as the 2019 uccs significant speaker. tickets will go on.

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The MIT Media Lab’s 2018 Disobedience Award will be shared by three leaders of the #MeToo and #MeTooSTEM movement. Tarana Burke, founder of the “Me Too” Movement. in giving survivors the courage to.

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5 February 2019. Cambrea Hall. The Department of Student Life, in partnership with Residence Life and Housing, has announced Tarana Burke, founder of the "Me Too" movement, for the 9th annual UCCS Significant Speaker Event.

During the height of the sexual assault and harassment scandals that shook Hollywood last year, which began with allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Alyssa Milano sent a tweet that made Burke’s phrase "Me too," go viral. The #metoo movement encourages people all over the world who are victims of sexual assault and harrassment to speak out.

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What is known as the Me Too Movement has been building since its initiation by activist. Just as the outgoing Miss America began her speech, we pulled a sheet with the words “Women’s Liberation”.

Tarana Burke (born September 12, 1973) is a civil rights activist from The Bronx, New York who founded the Me Too movement.In 2006, Burke began using the phrase "Me Too" to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual abuse and assault in society, and the phrase developed into a broader movement, following the 2017 use of #MeToo as a hashtag after the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations.

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The founder of the Me Too Movement, Tarana Burke, joins Craig Melvin to discuss the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court and what it means for the future of the Me Too Movement.