Dominican Republic SHOCK deaths: Mystery as rash of US tourists die in Caribbean – The Us Posts

Feds say there are similarities in the deaths of seven American tourists in the Dominican Republic Tourism industry in the dominican republic feeling impact; steve harrigan reports from Santo Domingo. A New York woman, 53, is the latest American tourist to die in the Dominican Republic, long one of the top caribbean destinations for U.S. travelers.

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 · Mysterious Tourist Death. so his death didn’t come as a complete shock to us,” she said.. suspicious circumstances in the Dominican Republic, with the causes of death.

close Video 9 American tourists die mysteriously in the Dominican Republic Family and friends search for answers in the wake of the loss of their loved ones; Jeff Paul reports from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic public health officials dismissed reports of the rash of deaths of U.S. tourists at luxury resorts as nothing more than "fake news" Wednesday aimed at.

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Tourists are dying in Dominican Republic: Is it mystery or ordinary? The deaths of at least 11 Americans over the past year have made travelers anxious and led some to simply stay home.

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