Colorado Pepper Spray Laws, Rules & Legal Regulations

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Pepper Spray Laws and restrictions. pepper spray Laws and restrictions: alabama: law only involves the criminal use of a noxious substance.. ALASKA: Legal with restrictions.prohibits the sale of a defensive weapon to a person under 18 years of age.Such a defensive weapon cannot be possessed in a school without permission of certain school authorities, unless the person is 21 years of age or older.

In the accompanying video, U.S. Law Shield of Colorado Independent Program Attorney Doug Richards discusses when it is legal to pepper-spray someone; advises if there is any criminal liability for using pepper spray; considers whether some types of pepper spray are not legal; briefs you on specific laws regarding where pepper spray can or cannot be carried; advises you if a special license or permit is required to possess or use pepper spray; and hashes out if the spray can be concealed or.

California views pepper spray as an effective means of personal protection and self-defense. It is legal for you to carry and use pepper spray to protect your personal safety without a state or federal permit. However, California pepper spray laws are in place to regulate the size and weight of pepper spray products.

Remember to check with your local law enforcement office to verify legality and any local restrictions that may be in place.. Section 11.81.900 defines a ” Defensive weapon” as an electric stun gun, or a device to dispense. Colorado – Legal.

It is legal to carry in all states, however certain states have restrictions. These can include restrictions on the amount of pepper spray you can carry or the strength of the spray. Most pepper spray manufacturers are aware of these state laws and sell products fall under the limits of all states.

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