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23 Democrats Are Running for President. Do Any of Them Know What They’re Doing?. How do you unite a fractious base and defeat President Trump? No one seems to know, but that isn’t stopping.

End of an era: hillary clinton confirms for the first time she is NOT running for president in 2020 and says she won’t seek elected office again, but adds she is ‘not going anywhere’

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Vice President Joe Biden has considered a run for the White House for many years. He was unsuccessful in 1988 and 2008, and he decided not to run in 2016, primarily because of the death of his oldest son in 2015.

Allowing that Russia interfered in the election is not equivalent to saying that Russia’s actions swung the election in favor of Trump, but the president cannot seem to distinguish between the two..

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These candidates are getting rich running for president. Rick Newman. Senior Columnist. and Ben Carson seems adept at them. After retiring as a neurosurgeon in 2013, he took a stint as a.

South Carolina Democrats welcome 2020 candidates Former Pennsylvania congressman and retired three-star admiral Joe sestak announced sunday he is running for president, becoming the 25th candidate to seek the Democratic nomination.

Gerry Condon, President of Veterans For Peace. to Osama bin Laden or to whomever he and his associates might be speaking. It had to do with us. We know that the Democrats briefed on the “Terrorist.

 · Jay Carney: Al Qaeda is on the run, they’re just running forward president issues executive orders banning cliffs, ceilings, obstructions, statistics, and other notions that prevent us from moving forwards and upward

Bernie Sanders is running for president in 2020 on the same platform he’s been championing for half-a-century. His campaign hopes that consistency – and his grassroots army – will make the.

HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher makes it to 500 episodes, and the host spoke to Variety about Trump, liberals, his new AT&T bosses and more.

How to Run for President of the United States. In the United States, the President is the most powerful and prominent public official. He or she is elected every 4 years and runs the day to day operations of the government. Any eligible.